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A • H E A V E N L Y • R A C K E T

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:: post-rock community ::
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This is a community for the appreciation of post-rock music. Post-rock takes on many forms, including, but not limited to: instrumental, experimental, ambient, noise, electronica, drone and space rock, just to name a few.

Feel free to discuss all facets of post-rock, from tour dates to upcoming releases to sharing pictures you took at a show.

if you have something you'd like me to add to the 'interest' section of this community, please feel free to email me and i'll put it up. i am continually expanding this section.

this community is run by me
...chosen darkness, 1 mile north, 1 speed bike, 65daysofstatic, a minor forest, a silver mt. zion, alien8 recordings, ativin, battles, bellini, boards of canada, brian eno, can, cerberus shoal, colophon, constellation records, d yellow swans, deerhoof, destroyalldreamers, dianogah, dilute, dna, do make say think, don caballero, dub narcotic sound system, duster, early day miners, eleventh dream day, eluvium, emery reel, exhaust, explosions in the sky, eyes of autumn, faust, fly pan am, four tet, fridge, from monument to masses, giardini di miro, god is an astronaut, godspeed you! black emperor, grails, growing, hangedup, hella, howard hello, icarus, iceburn, isis, jacques kopstein, jesu, john coltrane, john zorn, kammerflimmer kollektief, kepler, kilowatthours, kinski, kraftwerk, kranky records, labradford, laddio bolocko, landing, loscil, m83, magyar posse, masarati, matthew shipp, miles davis, mogwai, mono, mount eerie, mountains, mum, my bloody valentine, nadja, neu!, nice nice, nightfist, notwist, okay, oma yang, on!air!library!, ornette coleman, out hud, oxes, papa m, parlour, paul newman, peace harbor, pelican, pinback, polmo polpo, racebannon, rachel’s, red sparrowes, rodan, rumah sakit, saxon shore, set fire to flames, shalabi effect, shellac, sigur ros, silence kit, sleeping people, slint, sonna, stars of the lid, starving weirdos, stereolab, sufjan stevens, sunn 0))), surface of eceon, swans, swords, sybarite, tarentel, the album leaf, the drift, the flaming lips, the for carnation, the iceburn collective, the ladies, the mercury program, the microphones, the potomac accord, the psychic paramount, the russian futurists, the sea and cake, the shipping news, the six parts seven, the swords project, the temporary residence limited, the wind-up bird, thisquietarmy, thrill jockey, tim hecker, timonium, tortoise, tristeza, ulan bator, unwed sailor, volta do mar, wauvenfold, we vs. death, white rainbow, william basinski, windsor for the derby, xiu xiu, yume bitsu, zoviet france



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